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Pinnacle Private Hard Money is a private lender for borrowers or investors who have capital needs in the real estate industry. At Pinnacle, underwriters who are trained to be real estate strategist, work hard to find lending solutions for borrowers who are looking for a loan for a real estate project. Whether you are looking for a bridge loan, private loan, hard money loan, rehab funds, real estate
acquisition loan, we can help fund those hard to place private hard money loans.

If you have a loan request for a Refinance

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Whether you need a private loan to refinance an existing property, or need a private loan to help acquire an additional property, Pinnacle Hard Money Loans can help.

If you have a loan request for a Purchase

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Pinnacle Hard Money Loans specializes in short term bridge loans for business owners or investors who need a hard money loan for a short period of time using real estate as collateral.

Pinnacle Private hard money loans can be used for:

    • Refinance income properties including residential and commercial.
    • Purchase additional investment property for business or income.

*for income and commercial properties only

Pinnacle Private Hard Money real estate loans can provide financing for business or individuals who need a private capital loan for any of the following property types:

  • bridge loans for business owners;
  • single family homes,
  • multifamily homes,
  • condos,
  • townhomes,
  • apartments,
  • commercial,
  • assisted living facilities,
  • C-Stores,
  • warehouses,
  • industrial space,
  • funeral homes,
  • strip malls,
  • manufacturing,
  • retail office,
  • mines,
  • trailer parks,
  • recreation property,
  • boat houses,
  • dog houses,

If your a busness owner or property investor and need a short term hard money loan to complete your rehab project, help to purchase an additional investment property, or refinance a current property, we can help, contact us today to talk about terms and options for your hard money loan request.


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